There it is again, after a few days only, but this photo caught my eyes….

Photo by buntenacht

There you go. This is my “Photo of the Day”!
Look at it.
What do we see?
First of all it is quit dark. You have a dark hall with black reflecting ground and on the sides you can see something illuminated out of glass, like display cabinets. It must be a hall in a shop. So you can buy something that has to be in a refrigerator, cause those glass cabinets look like fridges.
And now look again. What is displayed?
I see toys, teddy bears, masks,… – but why in those strange cabinets?
It is all focussed on the last glass cabinet, the one that you are facing at the end of this hall, the rest remain blurry, also because of reflections.
Maybe we are not in a shop but in a sort of ghost train to walk through, a sort of haunted house where lots of toys are displayed, toys of forgotten children. And walking there with this reflecting black ground you see yourself and your lost childhood. Maybe.
Maybe this photo tells you a completely different story. And I am sure it will!

Some stats about the photo.
It was taken with a Rolleiflex T, loaded with the great Kodak Ektar 100 film and the photo was shot in Tokyo, Japan.
No explaining tags that help me where it was taken.
And this is so far the only photo I have seen by buntenacht.
I will check out his/her home now and see, if there are more treasures like this beautiful, deep photograph.


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