Haven’t I seen this scene before? Photo by gionnired I saw this photo as a print at Analog Life – Homeland Rumble in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands today and directly had to think of another well known photograph by Henri Cartier Bresson. Here is a link to the photo in a german photoblog So apart from reminding me … [Read more…]


There it is again, after a few days only, but this photo caught my eyes…. Photo by buntenacht There you go. This is my “Photo of the Day”! Look at it. What do we see? First of all it is quit dark. You have a dark hall with black reflecting ground and on the sides you … [Read more…]


Intense portraits   Here is the photo that I like so much I am writing this little blog: Photo by tall_bastard So what is it that lets me make THAT photo my “Photo of the Day”? I think I had already seen it before browsing through the photos of tall_bastard , but today it made something with me … [Read more…]


Photo by kristianj   Wow! What do we have here? It looks like a huge mess, chaos! But only on the first view. If you look closer you can make out little details, details that lead you into a city, into urban life. kristianj is creating a new city using multiple exposures. It reminds me of the grattage technique Max … [Read more…]


Bathing in sunlight and the sea    Photo by life_on_mars This photo was taken by life_on_mars using a LC-A+ and Lomo CN 100 film in Abkhazia, Russian Federation. So far the information given. But what is it that caught my eye and let me say, this photo is my “Photo of the Day”? First of all let us have a look at … [Read more…]


I am here to protect you   My “Photo of the Day” is taken by takezzo Here it is: Photo by takezzo   Can you call it another double portrait? No – it is more a symbol of parentship. And that is due to the composition of the photo. The entire photo is actually darkish, brown tones … [Read more…]


A wonderful double portrait   I never thought of it until now – writing about other peoples photos. I do not know if I will do it regularly or ever again, I just think that this photo is so good it is worth writing some lines .   Photo by lawypop   I saw this photo … [Read more…]