A wonderful double portrait


I never thought of it until now – writing about other peoples photos.
I do not know if I will do it regularly or ever again, I just think that this photo is so good it is worth writing some lines .


Photo by lawypop


I saw this photo of lawypop in his „Grainy Horizon Album „:http://www.lomography.com/homes/lawypop/albums/1713605-grainy-bw_horizon-edition and was amazed by it.
It is a double portrait, but actually more.
In the centre you find two elderly people ( I bet a couple and second guess the parents of lawypop ) sitting at a table. The table is in a restaurant. But there are more people next to the two that are in focus, in the centre of that frame. To the left you can see a guy, a waiter, bringing food to a table – and maybe it is the table you can see on the right side of the couple where a woman is sitting. She is not alone as she is talking to someone, but you cannot see the second person.
Looking again you can make out more people that are working there. One with the back to us, the viewer, totally in the middle of the photograph and one to the left in the kitchen.
It also looks as if the photo was taken in Asia.
What makes it – in my eyes- so good is this mixture. You have the two people that are a bit in a pose after eating, observing what this strange huge camera in the hand of the photographer is, mistrusting it a bit, but do not move the same time. The other thing is the atmosphere at the table. They just had food together or are about to have it. So it is a closed scene.
And in the background you can see the second layer. Other people working and eating and continuing their lives while the focus is on the couple. The waiter carrying the heavy plates with an expression that is not gentle, more stressed. Will he put on his service smile before reaching the table? Will the woman on the right stand up and leave the scene? Will the father figure shout at the photographer?
The photo was taken with a Horizon Perfekt and Fuji Neopan 1600what explains the grain that makes it even more intense.

It is really an intense photograph. I like it!


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