Bathing in sunlight and the sea 


Photo by life_on_mars

This photo was taken by life_on_mars using a LC-A+ and Lomo CN 100 film in Abkhazia, Russian Federation.
So far the information given.
But what is it that caught my eye and let me say, this photo is my “Photo of the Day”?
First of all let us have a look at the composition: There is one big area on the photograph, the sea and the sky are melting into another, though you can still reconstruct the horizon line. The photo is almost monochrome – but only the first impression lets you think that.
life_on_mars had a very good timing. The photo appears like a painting. The lightly illuminated person in the front left not only bathing in the sea – or better about to be – but also bathing in the warm and orange sunlight, while standing in the darkest area of the photograph and the water. Will he make it or is the water already to cold for him? And what about the second figure already swimming? Does the man want to reach the person? Does he want to swim out? Or is he there to protect the person if something is happening? But can something happen in that surrounding, with those colors? That is hardly believable.
I really think the composition is what caught my eye. The orange figure in the dark blue, on the upper right corner you can find those colors again. And while realizing that, your eye sees the second figure.
This photo has a feeling of ending summer to me – or just the end of the day. But it transports feelings !
What do you say?


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