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My “Photo of the Day” is taken by takezzo
Here it is:

Photo by takezzo


Can you call it another double portrait? No – it is more a symbol of parentship. And that is due to the composition of the photo.
The entire photo is actually darkish, brown tones that resembles the ground, the earth and in that case in the wooden floor. On a grey brown pillow lays a baby dressed in white, so you have a huge contrast. The position the baby is in looks as if it was falling though laying safe. This impression of falling gets also more intense, as the baby is a vertical line in all the chaotic other lines that are not horizontal. But and now it is time for a but the baby cannot fall! The feet of the father, the photographer would catch it. They are there to protect the baby. “Look, you can do whatever you want, I am there to catch you” those feet seem to say.
The photo was taken with a Diana and some Agfa film and I hope it is not the last in a row of amazing portraits of the new world inhabitant takezzo took.
Simply wonderful!


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  1. takezzo

    / Antworten

    thank you for writing an article upon my photo. this is also our favorite photo and we’re glad you liked it, too. i can’t wait to show this to her when she grows up 🙂

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