Intense portraits


Here is the photo that I like so much I am writing this little blog:

Photo by tall_bastard

So what is it that lets me make THAT photo my “Photo of the Day”?

I think I had already seen it before browsing through the photos of tall_bastard , but today it made something with me that let me stop. Maybe it is the little detail of the energy saving lamp or was it the nail polish?
But first a little description. What do we see?
First I would say that we “just” see a girl with her rabbit.
If you want to look at it that short than you can just continue and look at other photos. I see way more.
The angle the photo was taken implies that that girl is bigger than she actually is. Her view is somehow strong and she is facing the camera. I guess she was placed there by her brother to make a portrait of his little sister. But again – there is more. This girl is between 10 and 13, in between girl and woman and that is what you can see in every detail.
The hands holding a rabbit – and the finger nails have polish on them. She does not wear childish clothes, though there is still a little detail on her jeans, those flowers. And her pink hair band holding her hair in position – one pigtail in front and one behind her ear. But it is her view, the way she looks into the camera that is so interesting. She is looking wise, she is looking at you like a grown up woman would.

You should really check out the LomoHome of tall_bastard – he has many very good portraits!


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